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my name is Timea. female. 22 ys old | '91-liner. Hungary. food industries engineer major. Japan and Korea fanatic. Cassiopeia. my kings are TVXQ! | 東方神起 | 동방신기.
my forever #1 bias is Max Changmin^^
i even love Shinhwa, VIXX and Red Velvet.
more fandoms:
manga, anime, dorama, movies, books, nature pics, foodporn, Disney, Ghibli's films, Dreamworks, Marvel, Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, Running Man, Return of Superman

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Each of the Houses represents one of the four classical elements: fire, earth, air and water.

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Lee Twins meeting a cat for the first time.

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At the end of SMTown Seoul, they let some international fans onto the stage as a special thank you. Sooyoung decided to spark up a conversation with one of the fans and asked her who she was at SMTown for. The fan replied that she loved all SM artists, including Girls’ Generation. But when Sooyoung asked who the fan’s favorite was, she said DBSK’s Yunho, so Sooyoung walked the fan over to Yunho and introduced them to each other.

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Special MCs Seulgi & Joy