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my name is Timea. female. '91-liner. Hungary. food industries engineer major. Japan and Korea fanatic. my main fandom is Cassiopeia and my ultimate bias is Choikang Changmin^^
amongst kpop groups i also love VIXX and Red Velvet.
what i even post/reblog:
movies, tropical + nature pics, foodporn, Ghibli, Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, Divergent, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, Outlander, Running Man, Return of Superman
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the host offering changmin a part time job and yunho had to step in as a manager to stop them  (¬▂¬)  /  trans cr: mug_pingkikiikyu

And yet when it was Yunho:

image imageimage

Q:what are some of the things yunho’d like to challenge in the future?

Changmin: he’ll challenge what i want to see him challenge

cr: shimporn


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Did you know at the set of Capitan America 2. Chris Evans couldn’t tell apart  Scarlett Johanson’s stunt doubles from her so he would start talking to them as in they were Scarlett and the stunt doubles played the game ” How long would it take Chris to figure out im not Scarlett” . Apparently the record was 10 minutes.

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140902 MiMi Fan Meet

140902 MiMi Fan Meet


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Bigeast Staff Report: Mimi Premium Event 2014