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my name is Timea. female. '91-liner. Hungary. food industries engineer major. Japan and Korea fanatic. my main fandom is Cassiopeia. Changmin biased.
amongst kpop groups i also love VIXX and Red Velvet.
what i even post/reblog:
movies, tropical + nature pics, foodporn, Ghibli, Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, Divergent, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf, Outlander, Running Man, Return of Superman
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QUESTION: What is your chemistry like on set? (TV Guide shoot)

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Artist: Michael Jackson
Track Name: "Give In to Me"
Played: 793 times


Released on February 15th, 1993.

Give In to Me - Michael Jackson (Dangerous, 1991)

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Artist: Michael Jackson
Track Name: "Dirty Diana"
Played: 365 times


60 Day Song Challenge

21/60 - A Favorite Song With A Person’s Name In The Title

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No matter who it is, when you hear (negative) criticism, you will not be happy. As long as one is able to grasp the important points, pick out the opinions that should matter, forget those that should be forgotten, and then quickly switch one’s mood. I think if one is able to do this, then one is a person with a healthy mentality. But if it is an extreme cheeriness like a mania, living life (too) merrily sort, I don’t think that is a good mentality. As long as people are able to embrace their own healthy mentality that is enough. Although the suggestions that fans give are also important, however, I hope that (you) don’t become happy or upset just because you care about every single one.

Shim Changmin ([TRANS+PHOTOS] 140926 Excerpt of Star News Interview with Changmin & Red Velvet)